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We are a small group of people who have been working together for years, providing consulting services and systems to clients all over the world.

Friday Group?

A client asked recently if we call ourselves the Friday Group because we don't work on Fridays, or because what we do is so boring we dream of Fridays?

Good question.

The answer, actually, is that we try to devote at least Friday afternoon to something other than our daily work. We believe that, if we keep our brains active and interested, our work will benefit.

The Friday Group has been both providing architectural specification services and developing web-enabled document production and management systems -- and everything it takes to make them work -- since 1999. We believe in providing excellent service, delivered innovatively. We believe in being responsive, and never irritating

...and some weeks, when things go really well and we have worked particularly hard, we take Friday off. A small thing, perhaps, but we like it.

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