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Document Technology

To us, document technology is recognizing that any document, be it a word processing document, a spreadsheet, even an email, need not be monolithic. Every document can be broken into constituent parts -- paragraphs, sentences, even individual words -- and then manipulated to create new documents using the power of a database back end and some very careful programming.

Society and industry cannot rely on documents existing as files on individual computers. Document control, sharing of information and accuracy of content require that the production and evolution of documents take place on a common platform. We believe the web is that platform.

Once a document is broken out of the strictures of the desktop, the possibilities for control of content, collaboration, and distribution are endless. Large corporations, small teams, even individuals can use such a system to make information accessible from anywhere at any time

We have used this approach to create a number of systems that allow production, control, and distribution of documents an information in a collaborative, highly secure, highly flexible environment